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About Me

Name: Elizaye
Birthday: 1st Jan 1994
Country: Finland

Finnish (Native)
English (Good)
Japan (Basics)

  • New York Film Academy - Filmmaking
  • Helsinki Design School - Filmmaking
  • Audiovisual Communication - Media Assistant

  • Experience:
  • Music video for Maidens of the North
  • K-15 book illustration
  • K-15 logo design and TV show filming, animating, editing, prepping

  • There is variety of styles I work on and it is hard to say what I'm specialized to, since sometimes it is fun to make silly art when other day something epic or even gorey. I do painting, colored sketches and lineart. So if I need to define something, I work on cute and silly, horror, goth and character design. Working on stories is also a part of me where comes the comic side.

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